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From affiliate marketing, marketing your own product, or working PTC sites and taking surveys making money online is so convoluted and difficult. Everyone that calls themselves a “guru” tells you different things when it comes to how to “build your business online”. ‘Do it this way, no that’s wrong do it this way…’ Is there no one who can be honest and straight forward?

Build your list… Have a website… Advertise… My head aches just trying to muddle through the lies and misdirection. I may be a newbie to online marketing but I do have an Associates Degree in Business Management. That degree means I can spot the scams, the lies, and the misdirection. It still comes down to one simple question… How do you earn online without any investment capital at all?

IS in PTC sites where it takes so long just to reach minimum payout? Is it in surveys that most people don’t qualify for? Is it in affiliate sites like Clickbank, Clicksure, or Amazon Affiliates? Maybe it’s in affiliate based-sites that offer various training materials, digital products, or other goods and services…

Then there is building a list, having an autoresponder set up with a great series of emails, keeping up with the latest trends in what sells and what doesn’t… A person who has no experience, no capital, and no one to help them figure it all out can just about quit every time a new opportunity has to be passed up.

Of course, there are those who keep trying, who keep digging about and looking into everything, and who are determined to get it right, one way or another. That journey led me to a site overflowing with great offers, a way to do things that just blew my mind. I am still not sure if it will work or not but I think it is worth trying.

ASN is a real business and it gives you virtually limitless ways to earn, everything from commissions on Merchandise Sales to $1,500 or more for closed Home Loans, Mortgage Negotiation services and so much more.  It’s so simple, you even earn just for getting Free quotes and trials of products and services you already use.

Make Money From EVERYTHING! From $10 for giving away FREE Credit Kits to $1,500 per closed Loan! If it’s wanted or needed… It’s Here.. and makes you Money! Click Here to Join for FREE!


Such a beautiful creature. And I feel a bit like him when I look for an opportunity where I can actually make some money online without selling most of what I own…

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I wake up everyday and grab a cup of coffee while my laptop boots up. I sit down and open my email program, wait 10 to 15 minutes, and then stare at my screen with confusion… How, in eight hours, did I get over 100 emails?

Oh, yeah! I am on several sites that have the click for credit emails… So I click and click, no time to read, to get to the few emails that I want/ need to read. I can not be the only one with this problem. You get so many emails, from so many offers, that you do not have enough time to really check them out.

Now, I do my research on site owners, business plans, and all the other sundry bits. With my email being continuously flooded, I have no time to read/ watch/ study the various offers. I am positive that there are some awesome offers in there, unfortunately they are buried in the masses.

Boy, oh boy, what a mess. I have to do my traffic exchanges, my mailers, training on various sites, my email, and have time to breathe… Why do I do this? Well, for starters, I promised myself that I would spend no money on any program until I actually made money online.

I have made some referrals to a couple of the sites I really believe in and I am building it slowly. What’s the old saying? “Slow and steady wins the race.” So be it. I decided that I would make a living online by starting out with zero cash and that is what I am doing.

All these people, plugging all these offers, are those who have invested. I am truly happy for those who can and do invest, they get in and make some money. I want to be honest with all of my dealings and that is why I am doing it the way I am. Wish me luck and I’ll post more about my journey as time goes on.

By the way, during one of my email clearing sessions I found an interesting site with real potential. Now, I am still learning the site but it seems pretty cool. Want to know more? Check it out:

All Solutions Network

And, as always, free to join! Later!

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The day starts as it always does… Drag yourself from bed, attend to your morning ablutions, and turn on the laptop. Go through the 100+ emails that came in while you slept, cram some training in from one of your various sites (I think I may need to slow down there…), and then grab another cup of coffee and get some work done.

Most of my work comes currently from surfing the traffic exchanges and from various tasks within my affiliate sites, oh and of course my PTC (paid to click) sites. Yep, definitely need to either cut some of this stuff out or get some help…

>Blink< The morning is gone, it is already lunchtime… What? Really? Oh, wow…

Now, you blog, you post on various social media sites, you work the traffic exchanges, and you pray… Remember, folks, I am doing all of this with the investment of my time and effort, nothing more. All of this work and I am starting to see minor results, a referral to one program or another here or there.

Ok, that’s good. It’s starting to work, cool! Time to look at what I have going here:

1. Plan: a list or actual business plans that outlines what you need and what your personal goals are ( This part took forever but it came together. Most worksheets want numbers, i.e. dollar amounts, and I didn’t put any in, hehe.)
2. A Niche: a area of expertise or passion for you to offer products or services from (that for me would be sharing this journey…)
3. The Audience: the potential customers that you can sell or give these products or services to (that would be anyone who is interested in joining any of the FREE sites I offer to you.)
4. Website: your own site, whether a blog, website, or just a one page sales letter site (Ok, got this in spades… Including all my social sit presences…)
5. First hook: A great headline/ title to draw in your prospective customer (not sure if my titles are working…)
6. Second hook: relevant and meaningful content ( hmm… that would be the various sites I share with everyone…)
7. An auto-responder to keep your list in contact with you (… umm, kinda… I have a trial account with one but I will probably not keep it…)

I don’t have squeeze pages that redirect people to various offers so that they opt-in to my mailing list so I can offer them more… I will but I am still testing out several things before I plunge in all the way.

Yesterday I read an interesting eBook that made me really think about why I am doing this. The success rate isn’t all that high, usually. I have taken some nasty blows from internet marketing in the past but I am not one to let go of an idea. I want to succeed and I am determined to do so.

Being unemployed (although a paycheck would be awesome…) gives me the time to do this full time. I am not into going out all the time and I am not a social butterfly. I like to have fun but I make my own fun. I love to help others and that le d to me blogging, of all things. I want to share what I learn as I learn it so that others have this knowledge, too.

Right, that being typed out… umm, sorry but that is who I am. I am honest, helpful, and an optimist. I believe anyone can do this and I believe we can do it without throwing our money away.

That leads me to traffic exchanges, a great source of free traffic. There are so many out there, though. How do you choose? Well, I went with a few different options but I found an awesome place where you get more for your time. This site has a great down-line builder in place and is affiliated with some fun and well-known traffic exchanges.

Got something to offer? Want people to see it? Then believe me when I say that this site is an awesome platform to work with:

Check it out. It’s free but like most sites it offers upgrades and such.

Well, I’m off to work some more. Enjoy!

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Please pardon me while I have a moment of ranting…


I think I’ve stated that I am trying to build something, anything, online without investing any money, right? Well, I have found several cool sites with great admins that are free to join. Of course they offer upgrades and you can definitely see the upside of upgrading but I am holding off until I can actually get going.


But, as I am surfing my traffic exchanges, I keep an eye on what’s out there and what they offer. Many offer free review accounts (meaning you can not earn with this account) while others offer free trial offers ranging from a few days to one month. But… the cost when the free trial is over is usually right up there with, well, ludicrous!


Now, I do my homework on the sites I join and I am familiar enough with the system to spot outright scams but these people are getting downright sneaky.

Like, “Join for free, now!” and then you get in and they want you to pay for a hosting package… What?!? NO!!!


Now there are HYIP sites out there… “High Yield Investment Program” means Ponzi scheme. In other words, invest X amount of money and we’ll triple, quadruple… Nope. Most of these programs take your investment and disappear.


Another new one is “P2P”… “Pay to Play” where you it is usually a gambling/ casino type site where you can kiss most of your money goodbye. Why bother? Most cities offer casinos and betting arenas of some sort.


The greatest scams are the outrageous claims that some of these people make about their “systems”. Make thousands in mere days??? Not even, unless it is you behind the scam. Since they don’t want anyone to know that they are scamming they hide the admin names, have redirects setup so you can’t see them, etc… Why hide if you are legit?


SCAMS!!! OMG>>> What happened to ethics and integrity? Where is the honesty, the openness, and the forthcoming about what you’re up to? I am so sick of these…<BLEEP>… doing this to broke, honest individuals.


Whew… Thanks, I needed that. In a few days I’ll be posting a review of a site that has all the red flags raised. Keep an eye out for it…


Enough negative stuff. I was watching my youngest cat and my four year old dachshund early. She thinks the dog is her personal play friend… He was on his way to get a drink when she pounced him. He jumped about five inches (which is two inches higher than his little leg go…)! She ran off with him in hot pursuit. It was so sweet and funny to watch her pause and allow him to catch up before running off again.


This is them… My puppy first, then the kitty…



Oh, yeah! I wanted you to see this site:


It’s a fun little site from Bryan Winters. He is the admin for most of the sites I have joined. This site is all about posting ads on FaceBook and building up your business that way.


IS that the time?!?! Got to run! Have a great day!

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I apologize for not posting as regularly as I had said I would but life gets in the way. I have been busting my rear setting up my profiles on various traffic exchanges, sorting through all the materials I have gotten, and trying to make sense of all the lies and misdirection that I get every day in my email inbox.

There are so many scams and false promises out there that weeding through them takes time and effort. One thing I do know for sure is that those who claim they will make you “rich” starting immediately are full of themselves and just looking to keep their bank accounts padded with your money. DO NOT LET THEM!

Look, if you can’t get started for free then it’s probably a scam. Legitimate businesses will let you sign up for free, test out their system, and then upgrade if you choose to do so. There are so many bulls**t sites out there that make these wonderful promises, get you to shell out outrageous amounts of money, and deliver absolutely nothing. These gurus are all about making money off of everyone else and not actually helping others to succeed because then they don’t get to keep their huge chunks of the internet market.

Yeah, ok, I’m ranting, I know. But I am so sick of these liars and thieves! I am currently trying to get my online presence settled into something more than  a fly-by-night blink. Please be patient with me and understand that I want others to succeed and one of the items on my (ever growing) to-do list is to re-present my findings so far in a condensed manner for those who are interested.

Thanks and I’ll check in soon.

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I apologize for not posting recently but I am doing all of my various tasks on a four year old laptop. Add to that the difficulty of living in an area where failure failures and net interruptions are practically daily…

Well, you get the idea.

So I was going to talk about affiliate sites and I will but I won’t be getting to it today. I have to put some things together and find some other things…

Yeah, it’s so much fun to be trying to this all for free and alone. Not.

Anyway, I have a couple of sites for you to check out where you can see lots of info, get some free stuff, and learn some things.

Affiliate Truth

Find Your Right Site

So go check them out and I’ll be back tomorrow, if this laptop, the power, and the internet all decide it’s ok for me to do so.


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There are so many different ways to drive traffic to a site. Promotional strategies include banners, text ads, emails, traffic exchanges, auto-surf traffic exchanges, solo ads, and so much more. Now, since I am doing this for free I tend towards auto-surf and manual traffic exchanges. These require effort and time. Yep, more work.

So, how do you choose which types of promotions to use. Again, that depends on a few things:
1. What kind of time to you have to put towards an ad campaign?
2. Who are your potential customers?
3. How are you going to best reach them?

I have the time and drive to give the manual exchanges quite a bit of time and to sign up for some other traffic sites. The trick is to have your ideas ready, get your traffic sources lined up, and then launch your campaign.

I have a site where I have links to the various affiliate sites, traffic sites, giveaways, and I update it quite often. You can check it out here and if you find something you like, join up!

Find Your Sites

This may just give you some ideas which is cool, too. As I said, I am doing this for free but there are plenty of places where you can pay for traffic. Some of the traffic sites that I am on offer upgraded memberships and packages of advertising credits and such. It is really up to you.

Tomorrow I will talk about affiliate sites and share some the training I’ve gotten over the past few months. I have researched so much and hope that I can share enough with you to give you a great place to start.